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  • A Celebration of South Australian Hairdressers with Parlour Hair Academy

    Parlour Hair Academy’s annual Guest Artist Show stepped it up this year, with record numbers and wholehearted support from Haircare Australia’s evo and Cloud Nine as it celebrated South Australian Hairdressers.

    This year held at the National Wine Centre, Adelaide, the Parlour Hair Academy Guest Artist Show is a celebration and collaboration of South Australia’s finest industry talent – the young, the wise, award winning and aspiring – plus a dedicated attempt at raising the profile of professional hairdressing.

    Initiated by Karen and Robert Bava, founders of Parlour Hair and Parlour Hair Academy, the event was built from the pair’s passion for education but also from the recognition that South Australia is home to a high concentration of prestige industry talent with, up until three years ago, no local platform to share and inspire those around them.

    South Australian Hairdressers Parlour Hair Academy

    Beginning as a small(er) 160-strong event at a local nightclub, the event has quickly outgrown itself with 2014 marking the first year in a larger space and with an official sponsor in evo and Cloud Nine, Haircare Australia.

    “If you can’t support the industry in your own backyard then there’s a problem isn’t there?” said the wisest Gauvin of them all, Geoff Gauvin, Managing Director of Haircare Australia.

    The Parlour Hair Guest Artist Show effectively gathers the state’s best educators, session stylists, technicians and apprentices and offers them a stage to do what they do best, hair. The people watching are stylists, salon owners and a contingency of media, fashion representatives and career councilors – a collective bound by nothing other than a common passion for professional hairdressing. At Parlour Hair Academy Guest Artist Show it doesn’t matter what colour you connect with, or which salon you belong to, everyone is welcome.

    “Why would you present to a bunch of stylists already stocking your product or attending your academy, when you could be getting the attention of stylists and salon owners from other brands and salons – they’re your potential new clients,” says owner-founder of Dare salons, Adelaide, Paul Dare.

    Paul Dare has been in the industry for 37 years and, it’s fair to say, he’s well versed in professional colour companies, what works for business, staff and the bottom line. Recently signing over from one of the major’s, Paul and his two Dare salons are now stern advocates of the Haircare Australia mantra and its eclectic house of products. So passionate about the multi-tiered offerings that stand Haircare apart, and so vested in the dialect, you’d think he’d been a Haircare recruit for decades, not 6 months.

    “We at Dare hair have taken a long time to accept that they (Haircare Australia) are the leaders in the industry. They are producing spectacular products that are now being sold worldwide, and they have Fabuloso Pro which is kicking ass.”

    “My Colour Technician struggled to sell product, not any more. If you can’t sell Fab Pro as a colour technician, you will be fired from my business, not only is the product phenomenal, but it’s a great way to generate extra salon revenue,” he said.

    outh Australian Hairdressers Parlour Hair Academy 2

    Somewhat of a South Australian icon, Paul’s move to Haircare Australia seems to harmonise like neon and unicorns – the hero educator believes in removing the blinkers and breaking the rules(only after you’ve mastered them) – an outlook shared by the Gauvin family in their creation of evo and compound of unique brands – effectively catering for every stylist, every interior and every business model.

    Maybe there’s something in the water, but unlike our more populated states, South Australian’s seem to go about things a little more quietly, less feather ruffling more creating. They’ll take a solid drop of red before an air kiss, thanks, and profanities are kind of, well, the norm. They punctuate life a little differently. Perhaps because they’re detached from the Sydney-Melbourne kinetic, the ego isn’t required, everyone seems less affected, more inspired. Or as Robert Bava describes it, ‘just real.’ How beautiful.

    The Parlour Hair Academy Guest Artist Show is the ultimate reflection of its city and unwritten board of creatives, and this year boasted the biggest line-up yet. Split into three sessions, the first was host to 2014’s Young Guns.

    To be vested in the industry is to grow our future hands, a dedication that runs deep within Robert and Karen Bava. The Young Guns is a group of industry youth hand selected by the Bava’s to take on their annual Young Guns program. To enter, each potential ‘gun’ needs to simply submit a short video showcasing their creative aspiration and dedication to industry growth. Four are chosen and gain valuable experience throughout the year including presenting on stage at the Creative Guest Artist Show. In the eyes of the Bava’s everyone has something worth sharing, no matter who you are. And that’s exactly what this event is all about.

    Session Two saw Paul Dare present a 20 minute haircut and a five hour (pre done) Lakme colour – a modern bob with a steely grey finish – while Katie Kromwijk of Rock Retro Scissors delivered a set-style to give Cloud Nine Creative Director Lauren McCowan a run for her money.

    South Australian Hairdressers Parlour Hair Academy 1

    Session Three was all about the lads. Not The Lads, hugely successful evo seminar that recently toured America with roaring results, but evo International Ambassador Jules Tognini, evo Ambassador for South Australia, Damien Rinaldo, Stephen Arrizza from The Basin Haircutters and Uros Mikic of Kinky Curly Straight – lined up, Parlour Hair Guest Artist-style.

    Although not part of the South Australian contingent, Jules was flown in to headline on behalf of evo and shared one of his quintessential men’s cuts live. For Jules, he was honored to join the evening’s itinerary, the man is after all one of the most approachable award winning stylists our country has ever seen – a thought that became fact with his late arrival, and the swarm of stylists that ensued. Drinks were thrust in his hand, eyes lit up and a semi-circle was formed – ears pricked, waiting for him to speak. The funny part is they were all guys. Adorable. And Jules didn’t flinch. Despite being due on stage in 15 minutes he alluded to all the time in the world.

    “I’m lucky enough to be the outsider that’s been invited!” he exclaimed.

    “I think about egos and hairdressing and I just hate it, I just like hanging out with people. Ideally one day we’re all going to work together in peace and harmony and not have to worry about egos because we all just accept each other. And that’s what these events are for, that’s what the Parlour Hair Guest Artist Show is all about,” said Jules.

    South Australian Hairdressers Parlour Hair Academy 3

    The boys continued to demonstrate creative camaraderie at its best – switching from technical insight to chats about the unlimited offerings making hairdressing one of the best industries in the world.

    A sentiment backed up by Damien Rinaldo of Boris the Cuttery – master of sexy, undone hair. Not undone as in a raw version of Victoria’s Secret-style hair (boring), we’re talking before-it’s-time-sexiness-with-edge. The kind of hair design women want to wear and men want to create.

    “Some people will say ‘that’s not a haircut you can do in the salon,’ and you know what it’s probably not, but that’s the beauty about this industry and events like this, you can express yourself,” Damien said of his ice-blonde modern-mullet that struck a pose between David Bowie and AXL Rose in their hey days.

    This is why our Adelaide counterparts are so successful – businesses like Haircare Australia, products like evo and people like Robert and Karen Bava – they cut the bullshit. And without the cloud of discontent that is ego and selfishness, they’re able to think clearly and create wholeheartedly. Fearless and free, they’re the future and we salute them.

    A big shout out to the below presenters who made The Parlour Hair Academy Creative Guest Artist Show a huge success in 2014!

    Jules Tognini, evo
    Damien Rinaldo, Boris the Cuttery
    Stephen Arrizza, The Basin Haircutters
    Uros Mikic, Kinky Curly Straight
    Katie Kromwijk, Rock Retro Scissors
    Lucy Iasenzaniro, Belissimo Hair
    Megan Panozzo, In Awe Salon
    Cherie Falco, Chi Hair Skin Body
    Sophie Mihalopoulos, Monalisa Hairdressers
    Kristy Hodgson, Jarah’s Hair
    Tiffany Decaux, Boris The Cuttery
    Lauren Cooper, Parlour Hair
    Tricia Hicks, Principal Hair Artistique
    Johnny Georgiou, Parlour Hair
    Anthony Santamaria, Portobello
    Peter Anthony Ferraro, Hair Forum

    Written by Lauren King, StyleIcons

  • evo Hair for TOME at New York Fashion Week

    Hair Director Lauren McCowan for evo hair led the New York Study Tour team in creating the beautiful look for TOME's New York Fashion Week Spring Summer 2015 show. The inspiration  behind the look comes from strong Indian influences through the intricacy and detail in the pleating  in the key looks.

    "We wanted to create a look reminiscent of traditional Indian hair, while also keeping in line with the chic, effortless and slightly unexpected finishes of TOME" - Lauren McCowan

    With a fine balance between polish and effortless flyaway, Lauren created a look that is a sophisticated compliment to the collection while still being wearable to the consumer.


    Get the look from TOME

    Step 1: Spray hair down with evo mister blowout spray. Dry into hair with a dressing brush for polish and texture.

    Step 2: Using a tail comb, create a sleek centre part and mist roots with evo helmut light to set part.

    Step 3: Set a straightener to 150 degrees (Cloud Nine Original Iron) and straighten large horizontal sections of the hair to create a smooth texture. Put a slight bevel on the ends but not a curl.

    Step 4: Using your dressing brush, brush hair into the palm of the hands at the nape of the neck. Tuck hair behind the ears.

    Step 5: Begin a fishtail braid and be sure to keep braid tight at the nape of the neck.

    Step 6: Continue down the length of the hair, keeping the fishtail braid tight and flat. Secure at ends with a thin elastic band and wrap a small piece of hair around the elastic to hide and secure. Set band of hair with evo helmut light to finish.

  • evo Fabuloso Pro gains the Tracey Cunningham tick of approval

    evo Fabuloso Pro set off on yet another whirlwind  international launch at the start of the year, this time taking it across the pond to North America. Not to mention landing itself a place in the salon of celebrity stylist, Tracey Cunningham. The tour branched out across Canada down to Idaho, Washington, Georgia, Alabama  then picked up speed in the infamous NYC which hosted the ever successful evo International Ambassador Training event.

    These amazing launches received great momentum with some of the biggest names in the US, not only with Tracey Cunningham but also  Beth Minardi. Beth, who is one of NYC’s top colour experts, stylist to the stars and inspirational educators has a huge following in the US and has worked with the likes of Brad Pitt and Cameron Diaz. Tracey Cunningham with her unparalleled reputation  also has a huge A-list celebrity client base and is highly regarded as the driving force behind her amazing successful salon Méche in Beverly Hills, which is salon hotspot for the likes of Khloe Kardashian, Gwyneth Paltrow, Emma Stone and Drew Barrymore to name a few. With both stylists welcoming Fabuolso Pro with open arms, you might expect to see your favourite celebrity's using it in the very near future.

    Both of theses amazing colourists are now on board with the evo Fabuloso Pro range, and are using it in their salons. With such highly regarded names now using the range it’s gaining a huge following across Manhattan, Boston, LA, San Francisco, Calagary, Edomonton and Vancouver, we can’t wait to see what’s in store for the rest of the year.

  • Grant Norton wins Men's Hairdresser of the Year 2014

    The Australian Hair Fashion Awards (AHFAs) were back for their 22nd year on Monday 31st March, continuing to shine as Australia’s largest and most successful independent hairdressing awards program.

    The industry’s best enjoyed a night full of hair, fashion and culture, taking time to appreciate Australia’s most talented hair, fashion, make-up and photography experts, as well as the best products and businesses.

    With lots of thanks to Cloud Nine, who acted as major sponsor, the night saw many deserving winners, each recognised and celebrated for their own individual skills and style. A big congratulations to all of the finalists and winners of the night. Cloud Nine also acted as category sponsor for Salon of the Year, and evo for the Excellence in Education category.

    We would also like to extend a huge congratulations the newest Australian Men's Hairdresser of the year, evo’s very own Education Director, Mr Grant Norton. Grant started his hairdressing career at the tender age of 14, working his way up the ranks from ‘Saturday boy’, to managing a handful of Toni and Guy salons, progressing into creative director and then making the move across to evo.

    Grant’s role with evo allows him to be involved across the board with both education and creative projects, for such a creative and passionate individual, it’s the perfect combination. Working on the floor at Boris The Cuttery in Adelaide one day a week, also allows Grant to interact with ‘real clients’ and keep his skill set current and at the highest standard. This certainly isn't Grant first time winning an award and we dare say it won't be his last. Grant's inspirational vision that saw him achieve this prestigious title, is titled The Campaign and houses everything that makes a truly amazing collection.

    The Campaign features varying lengths, textures and individual shapes, with underlying tones of anti-establishment. My inspiration was a simple and consistent military style jacket. In true military fashion everyone’s uniform is the same. But, unlike the military, hair is not dictated, in the Campaign, one shape does not fit all” – Grant Norton

    AHFA Men's Hairdresser of The Year 2014 Grant Norton 1

  • evo hair for sass+bide at New York Fashion Week 2014

    With award winning editorial stylist Renya Xydis leading the charge, evo hair acted as the hair sponsor for the sass & bide autumn/winter 14 show at Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week.

    The iconic Australian fashion designers, Sarah-Jane Clarke and Heidi Middelton experimented with silhouettes, monochrome  and contrast for their Novatuer collection. Drawing on inspiration from Ernst Haeckel, the duo’s collection featured an abundance of intricate detailing and dramatic contrast inspired by his studies.


    evo hair sass + bide

    Synonymous with the looks created, Renya styled the models with one of the biggest trends from NYFW14; the dramatized comb -over. Using evo, Renya created a look that was the perfect mix of long and short, up against sleek shine, contrasted with matte softness.

    My girls Heidi and Sarah-Jane delivered a spirited collection that inspired an asymmetrical hair style all about dramatic contrast. That mix of softness and severity suits sass & bide perfectly. This style is modern because it’s achievable: there’s plenty of attitude; it doesn’t have to be too perfect. The drama makes it work at almost any length” – Renya Xydis


    evo hair sass + bide 1


    evo Hair for sass + bide Step-by-Step

    1. Wet hair through the roots and mid lengths with evo salty dog and then blow-dry hair in an upward motion for extra volume

    2. Set the lengths and ends with the Cloud Nine Standard Iron for a slight wave

    3. Using a wide tooth comb, brush hair from left to right to create a comb over

    4. Apply evo’s shape vixen to hands and take through the roots and mid lengths, keeping the comb over shape in place. Spray with evo’s helmut finishing spray

    5. Just behind the left ear, start twisting hair down to the nape, creating a cornrow. Fasten clip over cornrow to secure the shape

    6. Spray evo love touch to mid lengths and ends and brush with a wide tooth comb to finish the look

  • The Haircare Australia Prestige Partner New York Study Tour Feb'14

    The Haircare Australia Prestige Partner New York Study Tour once again saw ten lucky stylists experience the very best of all things fashion and culture. From shooting looks for Cloud Nine to working behind the scenes at sass+bide, this lucky group had a truly once in a lifetime experience.

    The Tour kicked off with a two day shoot for Cloud Nine’s 2014 education looks, where the stylists were given the rare opportunity to be taught the ins and outs of leading a successful photo-shoot from our very own Lauren McCowan.

    Prestige Partner New York Study Tour Haircare Australia


    Next stop on the tour, Moroccanoil HQ, where the team had an amazing day working alongside International Ambassador, Kevin Hughes and Australian Educator Violet Sainsbury going through editorial styling and the brand new Moroccanoil Course that is about to touch down in Australia.


    Prestige Partner New York Study Tour 1


    Renya Xydis took the group through a Cloud Nine workshop, working closely with the team, teaching them not only new skills but also  giving insight into what it takes to be a successful business and salon owner. The group were then given the chance to really get their hands dirty with all things evo, learning the revolutionary evo cutting technique and then getting to experience evo Fabulouso Pro.


    Prestige Partner New York Study Tour 3


    The tour finished in the only way it should, with the stylists working backstage for evo at the sass+bide show. The team worked alongside Renya to create the amazing looks, and were given exposure to the true side of behind the scenes styling.

    To register your interest for the next Haircare Australia New York Study Tour call 1300 437 436.

  • evo Fabuloso Pro launches in Taiwan

    The evo team was in Taiwan once again in early February. This time to launch evo Fabuloso Pro at one of Taiwan’s leading salon’s, Visavis, one of the most highly regarded and prestige salons in Taipie, not to mention one of the biggest. Housing 50+ work stations, this truly remarkable space provided the perfect setting for harnessing the passion and creative flare, that was so present among those involved in the launch.

    evo rolled out two launch events, the first, a small private event for a select 50 of Taiwan’s well renowned media personalities, going through the ins and outs of Fabuloso with evo Asia Pacific brand Manager, Phil Taylor and International Technician Jay Kownacki.

    The second launch, the biggest of the two, saw 260 of Taiwan’s industry leading hairdressers and colourists come together and be truly captivated by Fabuloso Pro.

    Each given the chance to learn and interact with the range, their response was overwhelming. The launch was fast-paced and high energy, incorporating entertainment from a local dance act, of course with amazing hair (supported by the Eros salon artistic team).

    The week wrapped up with Jay, educating some 200 colourists in work shops across the county and developing evo's Taiwanese education team to ensure that ongoing education in the region is in good hands.

    "Asia is an exciting, emerging market for evo & Fabuloso Pro. The level of passion and enthusiasm our distributors have for our brands and education is only surpassed by their clients, the stylist and colourist. Next stop will be Singapore at the start of May. We can't wait". – Phil Taylor Australia/Asia Pacific Brand Manager

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