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  • Moroccanoil Hits the Snow with Veuve Cliquot

    Moroccanoil took to the catwalk for famous shoe designer, Kathryn Wilson’s Spring ‘14 show at Veuve Clicquot in the Snow. Set at the stunning Heliworks Hanger, the show housed Queenstown’s fashion minded snow bunnies for it’s prestigious annual event.


    The renowned Danny Pato, Kathryn’s stylist of choice, drew his inspiration from Bridgette Bardot. The hair was all about volume, shine and glamour, the perfect complement to the 90’s point stiletto’s in cobalt blues, cerise pinks and acid yellows that graced the catwalk. 

    “It’s playful and glamourous, feminine and fun. This fem-lux style perfectly suits Kathryn’s latest collection and the glamour of Clicquot in the Snow” – Danny Pato of D&M, Moroccanoil Advocate.


  • The Lakmé Spring Summer '14 Colour Collection

    The brand new  Lakmé Spring Summer collection for 2014 has arrived. And it's showcasing the true spirit of Lakmé, taking us back to its heart through the colours and techniques applied.  The creation of renowned colour diva, Belinda Keeley and her award-winning team from Chumba, this collection explores  an array of techniques and colours that truly capture the Lakmé brand. Each of the techniques used to create this collection will be unveiled at our leading Hot off The Press colour workshop throughout August and September.

    Lakmé and its inspiration are firmly rooted in Barcelona, from it’s laboratories to it’s Mediterranean influence and heritage. Lakmé Spring Summer ‘14 is all about thoroughly modernizing these roots, while giving a strong fashion forward look. The undertones of Spanish influence and European summers are in abundance with clean vanilla hues, rose gold's and pastel hues.

    The exposing of Lakmé’s creative capability was at the center of this collection, showcasing the diverse range of colours.  Lakmé colour provides great creative expression and the ability to achieve the greens, blues, silvers and golds that are simply unmatched.  The standout techniques; printing, marbling, shading and experimenting with 3D are all utilised to achieve  unique looks reminiscent of mother of pearl and sunlight reflection.

    Led by the award winning Chumba team, the Lakmé Spring Summer Collection will roll out around Australia in Hot Off The Press from the 18th August to the 22nd September.

  • Moroccanoil Media Makeovers

    On Thursday May 29, Australian beauty editors and media were treated to a glamorous session of one-on-one styling with none other than Moroccanoil's Global Team Educator, Violet Sainsbury. While educating each editor on the latest releases from the Moroccanoil range (Moulding Cream, Styling Gel, Heat Protect and Volumizing Mousse), Violet also styled each editor according to their personal preference and hair needs.

    Each session started off with a luxurious blow-dry, continuing on with an introduction to the relevant products suitable to the guests hair requirements. Curl Control Mousse, Frizz Control, and Luminous Hairspray were used as finishing touches so each editor could spend the rest of their working day with beautifully styled hair.

    Moroccanoil MakeoverGuests were treated to European pastries and French champagne while they chatted to Violet who further schooled them on the Moroccanoil brand and history while answering any of those burning beauty questions surrounding all things hair! Each editor was also able to have their photograph taken with Violet after the styling session and left with a bespoke gift bag of Moroccanoil products, personally chosen by Violet.

    Feedback from all editors was exceptionally positive. They left the styling session knowing more about the Moroccanoil brand and the products themselves. Having Violet educate each guest individually was highly beneficial and made quite an impact on a personal and professional level.

    Moroccanoil Makeover 2

  • Get Katie Holmes' Red Carpet look with Alterna Haircare

    Katie Holmes hit the red carpet looking glam for the premier of The Giver Film with hair by Sebastian Scolarici for Alterna Haircare. Recreate this effortless Top Knot using the Alterna Haircare product range in just a few simple steps.

    “Katie’s look was a nod to old Hollywood with a modern edge. The tone for Katie’s look was set by the impeccable Zac Posen dress, with her hair perfectly complimenting the style with a simple high knot with a hint of texture.” - Sebastian Scolarici

    Alterna Haircare for Katie Holmes Step-by-Step

    1. On damp hair, spray a small amount of the Alterna Bamboo Boho Waves Tousled Texture Mist tousling from the ears down to the ends. Dry hair leaving some natural texture

    2. Emulsify the Alterna Bamboo Volume 2-in-1 Volumizer into a paste by rubbing it quickly in between hands for a few seconds and then build up volume into the hair

    3. Sweep hair into a high ponytail, securing it tightly with a hair tie

    4. Separate hair into two sections and tease each section with a hint of Alterna Caviar Perfect Texture Finishing Spray

    5. Carefully twist the two sections together, wrapping hair tightly around the base of the ponytail and securing it with hair pins

    6. Finish with the Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Working Hairspray to set her look

  • The Prestige Partner Cocktail Party wraps up Hair Expo 2014

    The hair industry joined together over the June long weekend to experience the latest and greatest in all things hair at Hair Expo 2014. Celebrating the home grown and international talent taking the industry by storm, the stage was graced with Moroccanoil advocate and Prestige Partner, Lorna Evans, evo International Ambassdor Jules Tognini and many other familiar faces. The weekend was topped off with the Prestige Partner Cocktail Party, where Haircare Australia's Prestige Partners came together to celebrate the initiative and indulge in  a few drinks.

    Haircare Australia Prestige Partner Hair Expo Party 1

    A huge congratulations goes out to all of the deserving winners from Hair Expo 2014, with a special mention extended to Boris the Cuttery for winning best Salon Design. Boris is the creation of one our favourite evo International Ambassadors, Damian Rinaldo and is also home to our much loved evo International Education Director, Grant Norton. Adding to his list of accolades another of our loved evo ambassadors, Jules Tognini was crowned Australian Men’s Hairdresser of the year 2014. A big congratulations to both evo lads.

    Haircare Australia Prestige Partner Hair Expo Party

  • Prestige Partner Salon Feature | Tsiknaris Hair Salon

    Tsiknaris Hair Salon continues to cement its place as one of Brisbane’s leading salons, led by two-time Queensland Hairdresser of the year, Bill Tsiknaris and his team of visionary and experienced stylists. The team pride themselves on fulfilling their client’s needs, striving to provide the best experience, and always keeping in mind that their colouring and cutting techniques have to be fit for the world’s most demanding men and women.

    The Tsiknaris team base their success on a few simple factors; working in a timely, and effective manner, in a productive space, while using some of the “world’s best products”. For the Tsiknaris team, it’s as simple as that. With these fundamentals, the team are able to play to each of their strengths, creating a balance of professionals that work together to produce the best client results.

    These appropriately labelled “world’s best products”, include Alterna, Cloud Nine, Lakme and DS Labs. The Alterna Bamboo, Caviar and Ten Caviar range have proven to be the salons best sellers, with the team only having to recommend the product once, before clients become hooked. Products are recommended on the basis of educating clients, showing them how to style their hair from the moment they step out of the shower, through to the next salon visit.

    Bill is a firm believer of keeping the love and passion in the salon, constantly seeking to make a difference to his team and clients. For the salon to achieve this level of passion and maintain professionalism, he enlists the management strategies and support from the Prestige Partner initiative.

    “It’s like having a business partner that has the resources that salons don’t have access to”

    Bill Tsiknaris on being a Prestige Partner

    If you want to apply the Tskinaris methodology to the way you work, join us for the Tskinaris Elegance of Evolution Workshop, where you will be given the chance to explore how the salon works on a daily basis, teaching you real practical skills that can be used the next day. You will go through; Shadow Colour, 3D Foils, Radial Foils, Ombre, Swivel, Shape Modifier, Slid to Frame, Cutting & Colouring for a Collection, and Long Hair Layering.

  • evo Fabuloso Pro gains the Tracey Cunningham tick of approval

    evo Fabuloso Pro set off on yet another whirlwind  international launch at the start of the year, this time taking it across the pond to North America. Not to mention landing itself a place in the salon of celebrity stylist, Tracey Cunningham. The tour branched out across Canada down to Idaho, Washington, Georgia, Alabama  then picked up speed in the infamous NYC which hosted the ever successful evo International Ambassador Training event.

    These amazing launches received great momentum with some of the biggest names in the US, not only with Tracey Cunningham but also  Beth Minardi. Beth, who is one of NYC’s top colour experts, stylist to the stars and inspirational educators has a huge following in the US and has worked with the likes of Brad Pitt and Cameron Diaz. Tracey Cunningham with her unparalleled reputation  also has a huge A-list celebrity client base and is highly regarded as the driving force behind her amazing successful salon Méche in Beverly Hills, which is salon hotspot for the likes of Khloe Kardashian, Gwyneth Paltrow, Emma Stone and Drew Barrymore to name a few. With both stylists welcoming Fabuolso Pro with open arms, you might expect to see your favourite celebrity's using it in the very near future.

    Both of theses amazing colourists are now on board with the evo Fabuloso Pro range, and are using it in their salons. With such highly regarded names now using the range it’s gaining a huge following across Manhattan, Boston, LA, San Francisco, Calagary, Edomonton and Vancouver, we can’t wait to see what’s in store for the rest of the year.

  • Behind the Scenes with Renya Xydis for Cloud Nine Education

    Award winning editorial stylist, Renya Xydis teamed up with Haircare Australia to bring a Cloud Nine Education event unlike any other to Sydney.  As Creative Director of Duvenage, Discount Universe and Bianca Spender at this year's Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Sydney, Cloud Nine Ambassador, Renya Xydis showcased her favourite runway looks with 14 lucky students at the Australasian College.

    The day saw the 14 budding session stylists in an intimate 'look and learn', followed by a hands on workshop where the students learned how to create the runway inspired looks themselves as the iconic, Renya, provided assistance and encouragement.

    Renya Xydis Cloud Nine Education

    The looks created encapsulated the versatility of the Cloud Nine styling tool range, achieving intricate and diverse runway ready looks. After the workshop, the floor was open to ask Renya questions, anything from editorial styling to international work, even how to run a successful salon and juggling her work-life balance.

    Renya Xydis Cloud Nine Education 1

    Click here to find out more about Cloud Nine Education.

  • Prestige Partner Salon Profile | Dare Hair Salon

    Dare Hair Salon, led by the award winning Paul Dare has two locations across Adelaide and has established itself as one of Adelaide's most highly regarded salons. The key focus in a Dare salon is a bespoke service for every client. Each Dare stylist is trained by Paul , his business partner Nicki  and colour director Olivia to deliver the highest level of understanding of each client’s needs. The fundamental aspect that Paul attributes to his 24 years of success is education. To drive this success, Paul thrives from passing his knowledge onto other hairdressers.

    “I teach Dare Staff how to cut hair, not to do a haircut” – Paul Dare

    Dare is well known for its Chisel Cuts which are a speciality of the salon. The Dare Chisel is exported worldwide and loved by clients with short, medium and long hair to achieve unparalleled texture. Along with Chisel Cuts, Dare’s clients also love evo’s Fabuloso Pro.

    “Clients love that they are getting their own personal colour formulation and it performs beautifully”. Paul himself has started using the DS Labs range, he loves the thickness it gives and highly recommends the range to those looking to promote hair growth.

    As a Prestige Partner the salon stocks; Alterna, evo, Fabuloso Pro, DS Labs, Moroccanoil, Lakme, and Cloud Nine. Paul recognises that the initiative has great incentives, knowledge and education that supports both him and his team.

    “Being a Prestige Partner has so far, benefited us by being a one stop shop that can handle all of our hairdressing needs, ongoing discounts  and salon benefits… not to mention, being part of an amazing family”  - Paul Dare

    Paul's Top Client Tips

    • Get hair trimmed regularly
    • Don’t wash hair too frequently
    • Always use salon recommended products to maintain the hairs health
  • Cloud Nine Hair does Fashion Week 2014

    The amazing Renya Xydis and Lauren McCowan proved their award winning skills yet again at Mercedes Benz Fashion week for Aje, Duvenage and Di$count Universe with Cloud Nine Hair. Leading the charge, the Cloud Nine styling team created three brilliantly unique looks that truly captured the essence of each designer’s collection.

    Creative Director Lauren McCowan added an effortless chic to Aje’s African inspired, ‘Married Adventure’ collection.  Wanting to create a windswept look with lots of movement, Lauren used the Cloud Nine Standard Wand and lots of evo salty dog and mr fantastic worked through to distress the wave.

    Cloud Nine hair for AJE

    “The signature of the Aje girl is that her hair and make-up is always effortless – it’s the hair that everyone wants, that they can never quite figure out how to get. She almost looks as if she has woken up with it” – Lauren McCowan

    Cloud Nine’s award winning, Renya Xydis led the way as hair director for both Duvenage and Di$count Universe with her Cloud Nine tools and amazing groups of stylists. Duvenage’s colour-obsessed collection encapsulated bold femininity, with class and style, topped off with Renya’s ‘pretty punk’ styling. With punky fringes and luscious ponytails, Renya used the Cloud Nine Standard Wand, championing the Micro Iron as the tool she couldn't work without.

    Cloud Nine hair for Duvenage

    MBFWA closed with a bang as the ‘Hip-Hop, Club-Kids’ of Di$count Universe took to the runway, each with their own outrageously unique coloured cornrow's, finished with the Cloud Nine Touch created by Renya and her group of stylists. The intricate detailing, vivid colours and flamboyant nature of the collection was the perfect way to wrap things up.

    “Di$count Universe is more than just a clothing brand, it’s a statement. I was inspired by their commitment to stand-out from the crowd and knew that a simple braid wouldn't be enough, we wanted the hair to have its own personality” – Renya Xydis

    Cloud Nine hair for Di$count Universe

  • Moroccanoil Rocks the Catwalk

    Moroccanoil was once again at the forefront of Autumn/ Winter '14 Fashion Weeks around the globe; creating inspirational looks that truly captured the essence of high-fashion for some of the industry’s biggest and best.

    Antonio Corral Calero and Moroccanoil’s lead stylists totalled 12 shows in New York, London, Paris and Milan, carefully creating looks, using a range of Moroccanoil products and drawing from different inspirations to complement each look. Inspirational looks were created for some of the most iconic names in the fashion industry, inclduing; Monique Lhuuiller, Phillip Lim, Just Cavalli , Veronique Leroy and Temperley, to name  a few.

    Both Glimmer Shine Spray and Medium Hold Luminous Hairspray seemed to be the products of choice throughout the shows, giving each look longevity and shine to perfect.

    Moroccanoil Hair Runway

  • Grant Norton wins Men's Hairdresser of the Year 2014

    The Australian Hair Fashion Awards (AHFAs) were back for their 22nd year on Monday 31st March, continuing to shine as Australia’s largest and most successful independent hairdressing awards program.

    The industry’s best enjoyed a night full of hair, fashion and culture, taking time to appreciate Australia’s most talented hair, fashion, make-up and photography experts, as well as the best products and businesses.

    With lots of thanks to Cloud Nine, who acted as major sponsor, the night saw many deserving winners, each recognised and celebrated for their own individual skills and style. A big congratulations to all of the finalists and winners of the night. Cloud Nine also acted as category sponsor for Salon of the Year, and evo for the Excellence in Education category.

    We would also like to extend a huge congratulations the newest Australian Men's Hairdresser of the year, evo’s very own Education Director, Mr Grant Norton. Grant started his hairdressing career at the tender age of 14, working his way up the ranks from ‘Saturday boy’, to managing a handful of Toni and Guy salons, progressing into creative director and then making the move across to evo.

    Grant’s role with evo allows him to be involved across the board with both education and creative projects, for such a creative and passionate individual, it’s the perfect combination. Working on the floor at Boris The Cuttery in Adelaide one day a week, also allows Grant to interact with ‘real clients’ and keep his skill set current and at the highest standard. This certainly isn't Grant first time winning an award and we dare say it won't be his last. Grant's inspirational vision that saw him achieve this prestigious title, is titled The Campaign and houses everything that makes a truly amazing collection.

    The Campaign features varying lengths, textures and individual shapes, with underlying tones of anti-establishment. My inspiration was a simple and consistent military style jacket. In true military fashion everyone’s uniform is the same. But, unlike the military, hair is not dictated, in the Campaign, one shape does not fit all” – Grant Norton

    AHFA Men's Hairdresser of The Year 2014 Grant Norton 1

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