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  • Dry Shampoo for Dark Hair | What You Need to Know

    Moroccanoil's Creative Director, Antonio Corral Calero ventured from Barcelona to Bondi during March to launch the new Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo. Set in the idyllic Bondi Icebergs  dinning room, Antonio gave beauty media the low-down on everything they needed know about this new beauty-cabinet-staple, paying particular attention to why it's such a perfect dry shampoo for dark hair.

    Starting out with the brand when it came to fruition as the first argan oil on the market, Antonio is  well versed in all things Moroccanoil and is globally recognised for his work with the brand and the international runway circuit. We were lucky enough to spend a few minutes with him to get his top tips for using the new Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo.

    Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo for Dark Hair

    How do you recommend people with dark hair use dry shampoo?

    The Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo is available in both dark and light tones so those with dark hair no longer have to worry about that white chalky residue that traditional dry shampoos leave behind. The ultra-fine rice starches in the Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo break down and dissipate immediately leaving hair shiny and clean. To get the best results, simply shake the bottle well, section the hair and apply to the root area. Use a paddle brush and brush the hair from root to tip to help create lift in the hair.

    After a trip to the gym or beach, my hair is in a less than desirable state. Can dry shampoo reverse sweaty and salty locks?

    Yes! The Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo is excellent at absorbing salt, humidity and sweat. A quick spritz and brush from root to tip will help bring the hair back to it's natural state. Dry shampoo won't replace washing your hair, but it will allow you to get some extra days out of a wash.

    Static is a common issue for most people,  can dry shampoo be used to control it as we head into the cooler months?

    Dry shampoo is great at controlling static, simply spray it on to a paddle brush or directly on the hair and brush from root to tip so the product is evenly distributed and there you have it, static-free-hair.

    Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo for Dark Hair 1

    I often overload my hair with product before an event, is it possible to reserve this without having to re-wash? 

    Using too much product is an issue that is easily reversed with Moroccanoil's Dry Shampoo. If you think about when you drop your phone in water, you use rice to extract the moisture, the same principle applies with your hair. The Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo contains rice starch which helps to absorb excess moisture bought about by too much product. Simply spray on the affected areas and brush from root to tip to restore the moisture balance.

    Can Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo be used on all hair types?

    This dry shampoo will not  weigh hair down and is suited to each and every hair type. For those with fine hair, I recommend spraying the Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo through freshly washed hair to help create the illusion of fullness. It's amazing for dark haired people too, as it instils shine and lustre into the hair. It's the perfect product for creating effortless hair with just the right amount of volume.

    Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo for Dark Hair 2

    Keep up-to-date with all things Moroccanoil.

    @moroccanoil | #ArganEveryDay |  Facebook/Moroccanoil

  • Julianne Hough got an Olaplex Perm!

    Leave it to Julianne Hough to break the internet with yet another hair trend… but this time, it’s not her choppy lob or sun-kissed balayage... it’s her new wavy permed hair texture.

    You might be thinking, “A perm? The ‘80s are over!”, but let me tell you– this isn’t your glam rock meets a scene in Heathers perm. It’s the perm that saves you the 30 minutes it takes to add texture to your hair with a flat iron for that effortless loose beach wave look like Kim Kardashian or wrapping your hair around a wand to get the sought after Victoria’s Secret model hair. Perms have come a long way and are now customizable to current hair trends, without the extra baggage.

    Julianne has been asking her stylist, Riawna Capri of Nine Zero One salon in Los Angeles, to give her a perm for upwards of six years now. However, Jules is a highlight client and any beauty school grad knows– you do NOT perm highlighted hair without expecting serious breakage and damage. We’re talking hair melting off here. Forget what you thought you knew about perms, this is where Olaplex comes in.

    For the first time in hairstory you can perm previously highlighted hair without compromising it’s integrity… and that’s unheard of. Perm master, Joe Santy put Olaplex to the test on the GREASE: Live! starlett Monday afternoon and the end result was fabulous, healthy, California beach waves.

    Jules posted a video the next morning in true “I Woke Up Like This” fashion loving her healthy style ready waves! We love them too and see the beach wave perm here to stay. Who’s next?



  • Salon Feature: Organika Hair

    Exceptional hair. No compromises. These aren’t just words for Sarah and Lisa, the co-owners at Organika Hair.

    Swapping sulphate, paraben, gluten, chloride and phthalate for only natural and organic products, Organika Hair is like the Birkenstock wearing, gluten-free hipster – stylish, with an environmental conscience. Sit back with a drink, relax... guilt-free!

    Ladies, why do you have such a strong environmental focus in salon?

    It’s a lifestyle choice. A healthy body, a healthy mind, a healthy planet. It’s all linked. We believe you don’t have to compromise your health for great hair, in fact, we know you don’t have to.

    Lisa, who inspired you to open a salon like Organika?

    I worked in a salon for 10 years before Organika. That’s when, I discovered my beliefs and lifestyle were a contradiction to my work. I was living a green life at home, but the moment I walked into work everyday, I was exposed to all of the toxins. It just didn’t feel right using them on clients either.

    What do you love about the Neuma range?

    This range embodies everything we stand for. It always delivers results, without the compromise. It's leading the way in healthy
    products that actually work. It’s a win-win!

    How has being a Prestige Partner impacted you, Lisa? Would you recommend it?

    Being a Prestige Partner has given me the opportunity to be involved in all the amazing events. The trip to Hobart in August 2015 at MONA
    was a standout. I’d certainly recommend this initiative.

    Who inspires Organika the most?

    Our clients... and I’m not just saying that. They really are the ones who keep us motivated to do better, everyday. We love hearing about their lives, getting to know each and every one, and hopefully making a difference in the way they feel.

    So, what gets Sarah out of bed each morning?

    Making clients feel amazing about themselves. And the look in their eyes as they walk out of the salon, knowing they look fabulous. Best of all, doing this without putting any harmful chemicals on their body. Oh, and I can’t forget my beautiful, nine month old son, Roman. He has a special knack for getting me up very early in the morning. He’s my personal alarm clock!

    What are Organika’s goals for 2016?

    Maybe another Organika salon – interstate this time! Exciting times ahead for the Organika team.

    Okay, knowing what you know now, if you could go back in time, what‘s the one piece of advice you’d give yourself?

    Always, always, always... trust your instincts. I think there’s a part of you that truly knows what’s best for you. Often, we just don’t listen to it. Follow that inner voice.

  • Haircare Australia presents Olaplex at Hair Expo 2016

    Haircare Australia presents Olaplex at Hair Expo 2016 for a second year running. What couldn't be more exciting is that we will be joined by Olaplex Ambassadors Guy Tang and Rebecca Taylor.

    Join us at Olaplex stand 1320 for your chance to meet and have your photo taken with Guy Tang, Rebecca Taylor and other special guests. Not only will we have #HairBesties Guy and Rebecca on our stand, you will have the opportunity to further your knowledge or learn something for the first time about this game-changer of a product. While you're there, grab some Olaplex to take away.

    Coming to Melbourne for the first time, Hair Expo will be held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre from 11 - 13 June 2016.

    Book your tickets on the Hair Expo website today!

    Education at Hair Expo

    Haircare Australia also brings to Hair Expo an amazing line-up of world class education. Awaken your creativity and drive your skills to new heights with these fun and engaging courses on offer. There is truly something for everyone, so don't risk missing out, secure your tickets today.

    Guy Tang’s Olaplex World Tour
    Sunday, 12 June, 11.00am-12.30pm

    Guy Tang and Rebecca Taylor

    Snap up this exclusive chance to see Guy Tang in action and learn about how Olaplex has revolutionised his artistry. Joined by Olaplex bestie Rebecca Taylor, this duo will inspire you to create a whole new world of colour. Don’t miss this high energy, creative session with these incredible hair artists.

    Book your tickets to Guy Tang's Olaplex World Tour here.

    New York, New York
    Presented by Moroccanoil
    Monday, 13 June 2016, 10.00am - 11.00am

    Peter Gray Behind The Scenes

    Moroccanoil and world-renowned hairdresser, editorial stylist and creative director Peter Gray are proud to announce the unveiling of the inaugural Moroccanoil Collection for 2016. Embark on a journey of hair trends influenced by the heartbeat of Manhattan.

    Book your tickets to New York, New York here.

    Made in Manhattan - Editorial Session with Peter Gray
    Sponsored by Moroccanoil
    Monday, 13 June 2016, 11.00am - 1.00pm

    Moroccanoil hair Expo

    Enjoy a once in a lifetime opportunity to work with Peter Gray and the Moroccanoil team as they shoot an editorial from the looks presented during New York, New York. See firsthand and assist on the shoot as Peter shows the skill and creativity that has made him one of the biggest names in the business.

    Book your tickets to Made in Manhattan here.

    The Renegades
    Presented by Haircare Australia
    Monday, 13 June 2016, 2.00pm - 3.00pm

    The Renegades at Hair Expo 2016

    Join industry award-winning game changers, Jules Tognini and Lauren McCowan in a creative session that will challenge the way you think about hair and your career path. They will demonstrate multiple looks across cut, colour, editorial styling and the signature techniques that make them unique.

    Book your tickets to The Renegades here.

    For further information about Hair Expo and securing your tickets, please visit the Hair Expo website here.

  • Our Top Mother's Day Gift Ideas

    Mother's Day gifts tend to be one of the most important purchases of the year.  Whether you're looking for something simple or something a little more extravagant, our gift guide has everything you need to make your Mum's day extra special.

    Our top Mother's Day Gift Ideas.


    1. The Moroccanoil Gift Set

    With the Moroccanoil Mother's Day Gift set, you can give your Mum the very best in oil-infused hair care. Available in three specially curated packs, the sets take care of every volume, repair and smoothing need.

    trio Moroccanoil gift packs


    2. The evo motherlover Gift Boxes

    Trust evo to bring us a Mother's Day combo that Mum is sure to love. No thought required, just grab a gift box of ritual salvation, the therapist or gluttony shampoo and conditioners which includes a free helmut original. These evo motherlover gift boxes are both stunning (no gift wrap required) and practical for the special lady in your life.



    3. The Cloud Nine Tool and Gift with Purchase

    Spoil your Mum this Mother’s Day with this luxe treat from Cloud Nine you know she'd never ordinarily buy for herself. What’s more is that you’ll receive a free handmade Italian hardwood Paddle Brush when purchasing a Cloud Nine Original Iron, Wide Iron or Wand.

    blog images2


    4. The Little Joys Neuma Gift Packs

    Forget the flowers this year and pick up a Neuma gift pack especially for Mum. Whilst these packs come in a handy travel size, don't be fooled by their small size. These organic shampoo and conditioner gift sets certainly pack a punch. Using natural essential oils that make them smell great these packs are available in neuSmooth, neuMoisture, reNeu and neuVolume.

    Neuma little joys


     Call 1300 437 736 to place your order, or contact your Haircare Australia Sales Representative today.

  • Recreate Beyonce's Bob with Neuma

    Love Beyonce's hair from The Golden Globe Awards? We do! Neuma designer, Anthony Chiocchi, walks you through getting Beyonce's look with a little help from Neuma.

    "Neuma is so amazing with multi-textured hair 'cause you can never over use the product!" -Anthony Chiocchi
    1. Using a box bob cutting technique, shampoo hair with neuMoisture shampoo and condition with neuSmooth leave-on condition.
    2. Apply neuStyle firm hold gel to roots.
    3. Mix neuStyling texturizer and neuStyling gelée together, then apply cocktail mix from mid-shaft to ends.
    4. Pin top of hair down flat to head then gently blow dry remainder of hair using a diffuser
    5. When dried completely, finger through neuVolume surf lotion. Set curls in place and stretch out every other section to give a multi-textural look.

    Stock Neuma in Your Salon

    Neuma is distributed in Australia exclusively by Haircare Australia. To find out more about stocking Neuma in your salon, call us on 1300 437 436 or fill out our contact form.

  • Moroccanoil Launches the Dry Shampoo of Our Dreams

    For many of us, the wait for a Dry Shampoo that caters to both blondes and brunettes has been a  long one and with the introduction of the Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo, the wait is finally over. The new powerful, innovative formula from Moroccanoil is designed to instantly absorb oil and product build-up without leaving behind any visible powder or residue.

    Featuring natural volumising and deodorizing agents, as well as a UV filter and a hint of Moroccanoil's signature fragrance, the Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo delivers a clean, fresh, just-left-the-salon finish with every use. Specifically developed to address different tonality needs, the dry shampoo features two colour-specific formulas: one to preserve the integrity of light and blonde tones and one to maintain the richness and dimension of darker hues.

    Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo Light

    To bring out the best in light tones, Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo Light features subtle violet undertones to help balance brassiness.

    Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo Dark

    On darker hair, traditional dry shampoos leave behind a white residue that diminishes natural shine; however, Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo Dark Tones is formulated with ultra-fine rice starches that break down and dissipate immediately upon application.

    It's not just the tones that make this Dry Shampoo stand out from the crowd, this revolutionary product truly ticks all of the boxes.

    Click here to become a stockist.

  • 2016 Lakme Collection

    At Lakmé we are focussed on equipping colourists with inspiration, tools and the knowledge to excel creatively; we provide industry-leading education coupled with the highest quality colour products.  Luxurious colour with a unique heritage that is great value.  A focus on innovation, sharing inspiration and knowledge, and fostering a sense of community is at the heart of what we do.

    2016 Lakme Collection: Renacido

    Lakmé’s heritage, grounded in artistic tradition and ties with nature, is the inspiration for the 2016 collection.  At the heart of this campaign is Antoni Gaudi’s vision to look to nature for inspiration.  His view being that nature does not go out of fashion.  The colour palette was derived from imagery of Spanish architecture, art and landscapes; styled to reflect the balance and beauty of the Mediterranean character, designed to inspire and encourage colourists to explore and innovate.

    Artists don’t just take inspiration from one area. They live and breathe it through every facet of their existence and it comes in all forms from the world around them. Renacido is an exploration of an artist’s true palette, if that artist were based in the cities, mountains and waters of Spain. The tones in Gaudi’s art, the colour of the hills and the shimmer of the ocean were the basis of our creation.

    To find out more about incorporating Lakme into your salon, contact Haircare Australia today.

    Watch the 2016 Lakmé Collection Launch Video

  • Make Your Hair Colour Last Longer with evo Fabuloso Pro

    Keeping colour work on point and boosting retail sales at the same time, all inside a  bottle of fabuloso pro goodness.

    The genius that is this deposit-only, peroxide and ammonia free colour refresh and maintenance system provides the answer to every coloured hair woe. Designed as an flexible three-step process, the fabuoloso system starts with simple colour service, then a cuticle-sealing shine treatment and lastly your clients are left to take their own little piece of fabuloso pro home in a 100% customised colour intensifying conditioner to allow your hair colour to last longer.

    We sat down with fabuloso pro’s international educator, Jay Kownacki to give us the low-down on this utterly fabuolso system.


    Tell us a little about the fabuloso pro colour refresh and maintenance system.

    fabuloso pro is an amazing colour concept that allows you to refresh clients hair in between full colour services and provide clients with a perfectly matched, personalised colour maintenance conditioner


    Why would you recommend a salon implement this system?

    The system itself allows you to offer new, unique services into your salon and creates client loyalty through customised retail.


    What makes fab pro different?

    There is nothing like fabuloso pro on the market. The ability to create endless semi permanent colours and customised maintenance conditioners for your clients is limited only by your imagination.


    What is your favourite aspect of the system?

    My favourite aspect is the retail side of the system. Being able to send every permanent and demi permanent colour client home with a perfectly matched colour maintenance conditioner ensures the longevity of the clients hair and its condition.


    Tell us a little about Shine Temptress.

    Temptress is a 3 in 1 treatment. It strengthens the hair, moisturises it internally giving back the hair elasticity and manageability, and seals and smooths the cuticle locking in the colour and resulting in a glass like finish.


    How do the new shampoos fit into the range?

    Prime and Preserve, the fabuloso pro shampoos, have been specifically formulated to work with the unique technology in the colour and ensure the best possible results. Prime preps the hair for maximum colour deposit and Preserve gently cleanses the hair ensuring that your hair colour will last longer.

    Follow @evohair or simply #evofabulosopro to see all everything you can achieve with fabuloso pro.

    How to make your hair colour last longer

  • Treat Damaged Hair with the Moroccanoil Repair Range

    With all of the stresses that our locks go through on a daily basis from heat styling, colouring and environmental factors like the sun, it's no wonder so many of us are constantly battling with dreaded damaged hair.

    The quest for repaired, healthy hair often seems unobtainable but with the help of the Moroccanoil Repair range you can be one step closer to achieving luscious locks that are healthy, radiant and manageable. Moroccanoil's Global Creative Director, Antonio Corral Calero gives us the low down on what steps to take to prevent damaged hair around the clock.

    What are the tell-tale signs of damaged hair in need of a repairing treatment?

    Damaged hair is easy to identify: visible breakage, rough and spongy texture, dry and brittle strands, loss of elasticity, and even faded colour. These are all signs that hair is in need of a repairing treatment to restore it back to health.

    What causes hair damage?

    The two most frequent causes of hair damage are harsh chemicals and excessive heat. Overexposure through a daily heat styling regimen, for example, will uneven the cuticle layer that protects the hair shaft, resulting in rough texture, over-porosity, dryness and brittleness.

    What is your go-to product to repair hair?

    The Moroccanoil Restorative Mask is an absolute miracle hair mask! It is rich in argan oil and proteins that help fortify and restructure to instantly repair damaged hair in just 5–7 minutes. Its high-performance formula infuses protein back into the weakened hair shaft so hair actually becomes stronger, healthier and more beautiful. This mask should be used weekly at first and then less and less frequently as hair condition improves. After using the protein-enriched mask, I recommend following with your favourite Moroccanoil conditioner to de-tangle strands and keep hair silky soft.

    Treat Damaged Hair with Moroccanoil

    What products can I use to help improve my damaged hair on a daily basis?

    It all starts with a great shampoo and conditioner! For daily treatment, I recommend Moroccanoil Moisture Repair Shampoo and Conditioner. These products infuse each strand with antioxidant-rich argan oil and highly reparative keratin, proteins and other nutrients, to help improve hair health over time.

    During fashion week, models are always asking for the perfect shampoo and conditioner to help repair and maintain their hair between days of back-to-back runway styling and my go-to is the Moroccanoil repair range.

    What are some easy hairstyles that help prevent hair damage?

    For most women, damage is caused by excess heat styling, so wash-and-go hair styling is a sure-fire way to avoid damaging strands. For curly hair, apply Moroccanoil Intense Curl Cream throughout hair; it will define, moisturise and nourish strands while fighting frizz. Curls will look shiny and soft, with no sticky residue!

    For straight styles, apply a cocktail of Moroccanoil Treatment and Moroccanoil Hydrating Styling Cream from mid-shaft to ends of damp hair and then allow hair to air dry. The combination will make hair shiny, tame frizz and manage fly-aways, leaving hair soft and smooth.

    If I want to heat style my hair, what products can I use to prevent damage?

    If you are using heat, it’s important to prepare strands with a protective spray, such as Moroccanoil Heat Styling Protection, to shield it from high temperatures and possible thermal damage. Moroccanoil Heat Styling Protection creates a unique thermal

    protective veil to shield hair up to 430˚F, helping prevent breakage and split ends.

    This product is especially essential during awards season when celebrities want to protect their hair from the stress of frequent styling. The best kept secret behind red carpet hair styling always begins with Moroccanoil Treatment to create the perfect foundation for styling, followed by Moroccanoil Heat Styling Protection. This key combination provides manageability and protection when creating more elaborate red-carpet hair looks.

    Treat Damaged Hair with Moroccanoil

    Do you need to use conditioner after using a hair mask?

    After hair is fortified and restored to health, a daily conditioner is perfect to then de-tangle and soften the hair. Hydrating masks, such as Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask and Moroccanoil Weightless Hydrating Mask, are great for a deep conditioning treatment once or twice a week. As they are extremely rich in moisture, they can replace your daily conditioner when you use them.

    Do you have any tips for protecting colour treated hair?

    Absolutely! Protecting colour treated hair starts right at the colouring process. My number one tip is to apply Moroccanoil Treatment from root to tip before a colour process. This go-to product will absorb instantly into the hair to help fill gaps in the cuticle layer and create a thin, protective layer around strands for an even colour application and safe treatment process that won’t alter the colour results.

    I also recommend asking your colourist to mix 1 or 2 pumps of Moroccanoil Treatment into the colour as it will actually help the colour absorb into the hair while keeping the hair shaft smooth for a fantastic final result.

    How can you tell when hair is back to a healthy state?

    Hair that is in a naturally healthy state is soft and flexible, de-tangles easily and holds a style longer. Its looks and feels naturally touchable, smooth, shiny and beautiful from day to night.

    If you would like to become a Moroccanoil stockist, click here. Alternatively, if you're looking for a Moroccanoil stockist in your area, please click here.

  • Create Beach Waves with the Cloud Nine Micro Wand

    The art of creating effortless beach waves is one that many of us are yet to master. But, with the Cloud Nine Micro Wand, in just a few simple steps you can create beach waves any time, any where.

    Cloud Nine Ambassador and renowned Session Stylist, Sarah Laidlaw shows  you how you can achieve chic and effortless beach waves in minutes. So, stop tirelessly attempting to perfectly create beach waves and master them by watching this video.


    How To Create Beach Waves


    About The Micro Wand

    The most dexterous of the Cloud Nine Wand collection, the Micro Wand provides unparalleled portability and flexibility for all hair types, especially mid-length to short hair. You can gain complete curling and waving freedom with the the Micro Wands 14cm shine-enhancing barrel and dual temperature flexibility. The Micro Wand gives you the freedom to create beach waves effortlessly or tight ringlets that can be brushed out to achieve beautiful waves.

    Find out about the Micro Wand here.

  • Recreate Cate Blanchett's Oscar winning hairstyle with Renya Xydis and Brooke Testoni

    Cate Blanchett was the epitome of glamour at this years OSCARS sparking one of the hottest hair trends of 2015.

    Cloud Nine ambassador Renya Xydis created this look for Cate and has now teamed up with Brooke Testoni to show you how it's done!

    Stay tuned over the next few weeks as Cloud Nine will be recapping 2015's hottest hair moments.

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