Introducing Evo Water Killer Brunette Dry Shampoo

Everyone has those lazy hair days; sometimes you wash, sometimes you don’t. We know that those days are not just a blonde thing... so we have made our hero dry shampoo in brunette. Unlike other dry shampoos for dark hair, Water Killer Brunette Dry Shampoo has the perfect pigment combination (without using propylene glycol, propylene carbonate, titanium dioxide), so it blends with the hair and provides grey coverage. But wait, there’s more… the rice starch in the formulation absorbs oil leaving a light finish that brushes through (so no tell-tale residue). it’s like sorcery… that reveals what looks like, feels like, and smells like, freshly washed hair.

About Water Killer Brunette Dry Shampoo

Evo Water Killer Brunette is two-in-one dry shampoo and styling spray that makes hair look, feel and smell fresh again. recommended for dark, brunette tones. benefits no chalky white residue. helps hide greying and thinning hair. saves time, saves water, can be used anywhere. can also be used as a texturizing styling spray. free from titanium dioxide.

The Benefits

  • No chalky white residue
  • Helps hide greying and thinning hair
  • Saves time, water and can be used anywhere
  • Can also be used as a texturizing styling spray
  • Free from titanium dioxide
  • Available in a handy travel size 50ml and full size 200ml

Top Tip

Flip your head upside down and thoroughly spray it with Water Killer Brunette, then blast your hair with a hair dryer. your hair while blasting with a hair dryer. This will create natural body and texture.

Water Killer Brunette Dry Shampoo

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