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  • Get The Look | The Disheveled Up Do

    Inspired by the architectural lines of the C/MEO Collective 2017 Resort Collections, Lauren McCowan and Isabella Iasenzaniro for evo created a modern and wearable look that highlighted the detailed necklines, collars and pastel colour palette in C/MEO’s ‘Momentum and Dimension’ collections.

    "We worked closely together to define the C/MEO woman and how we would translate this throughout the runway hair looks. With the collection being an abstract take on classics, we decided there was no more classic hair style than a bun. We worked to deconstruct the traditional bun in a way that was worthy of the catwalk but still modern. The end result was slightly disheveled but completely wearable, created with the magic of evo styling products.” - Lauren McCowan.

    Get The Look Here

    1. Damp the hair and spray evo salty dog throughout hair and brush through using evo conrad bristle paddle brush and roughly blow-dry hair

    2. Create a triangle section through the front of the hair using evo truman tail comb and clip away. Section out the two front sections and clip away. Pull hair into a ponytail, spray with evo builders paradise at the base and secure with an elastic

    3. Sprinkle evo haze throughout the ponytail. Divide ponytail into two sections, twist and knot. Pin ends into the bun and create texture using fingers

    4. Remove front sections from clips and tuck into the bun. Slightly pull out sections of hair around the hairline and shape with your fingers and evo builders paradise

    5. Undo the top section and sprinkle in evo haze and create texture with hands. Lightly spray pieces with evo builders paradise and tuck into the bun

    6.  Spray bun with evo love touch and rub through the loose strands at the hairline


    See all of the behind the scenes action here

  • Renya Xydis' High Tea

    Tuesday the 19th July marked Renya Xydis' inaugural  High Tea at the John Olsen Penthouse in the heart of Melbourne. With an outlook of the Melbourne skyline, the penthouse acted as the perfect backdrop for  for an afternoon of scones, champagne and Cloud Nine Ambassador, Renya Xydis.

    Haircare Australia Creative Director, Lauren McCowan hosted the High Tea covering a range of topics spanning Renya's 35-year-long career. As the driving force of creativity for her three salons, renowned editorial stylist and runway hair director, there was no shortage of talking points. With champagne and conversation flowing, Renya touched on all aspects of her career, paying homage to her family and staff (who she also fondly regards as her family), highlighting the important role they've played in her career.

    "My staff come before my clients. My team are number one, and I'll do almost anything to support them".

    When it comes to her team, Renya keeps it simple. She rewards loyalty, praises hard work and tries to provide the best environment she can for her second family. Loud music, laughter and presentation are Renya's key ingredients for a successful workplace.

    "I make sure I look good everyday. I put on a heel. I put my lipstick on. I expect that from my staff too".

    Renya Xydis Cloud Nine

    After spending the afternoon in Renya's company it quickly became apparent (family aside), that Renya's humble nature, kind heart and passion are the driving force of her success. Professing that it was only a few short years ago that she was passing pins to Eugene Souleiman at Fashion Week, Renya recognises that even if you're a salon owner or have 20 years of experience, you still have to prove yourself and work hard to get where you want to be.

    Renya Xydis Cloud Nine


    The High Tea attendees were given the chance to quiz Renya, paying close attention to her social media presence. With over 60,000 followers across her Instagram accounts, Renya treats her accounts like a 'magazine' - a place to share the life of  a 'travelling hairdresser'. Recognising the importance of social media in the hairdressing industry Renya uses both her Webazine and social profiles to inspire the industry and share not only her own work but that of her team as well.

    To see more of Renya's amazing work as a Cloud Nine Ambassador, Salon Owner and Editorial Stylist, visit her the Valonz Webazine or follow her on Instragram.


  • Get the look | Androgynous glamour from Cushnie et Ochs NYFW 2016

    Inspired by the vintage glamour and decadence of a 1920's traveling circus, Moroccanoil’s Antonio Corral Calero created a contrasting look that was androgynous and modern for Cushnie et Ochs Fall/Winter Collection at NYFW 2016.

    Get the look with these simple steps and transport yourself back in time to an era when fashion was all about liberation, trying new things and having a whole lot of fun in the process.

    Recreate the Cushnie et Ochs look yourself.

    Cushnie et Ochs_1_200x200
    Step 1

    Starting with damp hair, apply 1-pump of Moroccanoil Treatment and Heat Styling Protection from root-to-tip to create the perfect styling foundation. Blow-dry straight and then use a comb to create a deep centre part.

    Cushnie et Ochs_2_200x200
    Step 2

    Divide hair into 2-inch sections and straighten hair with a Cloud Nine Original Iron from the bottom layers to the top.

    Once hair is pin straight, take a comb and brush the right side back following the shape of the head to create a broken wave.

    Cushnie et Ochs_3_200x200
    Step 3

    Spray the section from the root to the top of the ear with Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray Extra Strong to hold in place. Repeat on the left side of head.

  • Free Your Mind and Your Hair Will Follow

    Join evo on a mission of truth, beauty & justice.  Save ordinary humans from themselves.  Be freed from the shackles of what’s normal, think, question, realise your potential....

    Watch the video below for your sneak peak into evo's new 'free your mind and your hair will follow' campaign, launching August 2016.


    Be extradorinary. Deprogram now.

    To begin your journey of enlightenment and order evo for your salon, get in touch with your Haircare Australia rep, call us on 1300 437 436 or use our online contact form.

  • Coming soon: New fabuloso 30ml tubes

    Commitment is hard enough. Your hair colour doesn’t have to be. Introducing the new fabuloso 30ml tubes.

    Give your clients the chance to try the fabulousness that is fabuloso without the commitment of buying the full 250ml bottle. Still filled with the same great formula, just packaged smaller, this 30ml sample size is perfect for trialing, sampling and even gifting your clients. The tube package is small enough for clients hand luggage and gym bag. What’s not to love?

    Available in all the same colours you know and love: Platinum Blonde, Light Beige, Caramel, Copper, Purple Red, Mahogany, Chestnut.

    Fabuloso_30ml_group boxes&tubes_623px

    Fabuloso_30ml_group tubes_623px_CMYK


    About fabuloso
    fabuloso is a colour intensifying conditioner that provides an instant hair colour boost, combined with a nourishing treatment to condition, repair, add shine, instantly tone and intensify hair colour all in 3 minutes.

    About evo

    evo is an innovative, professional hair and beauty product manufacturer with individuality and integrity; a manufacturer that speaks the truth. Born from a desire to produce an exclusive salon range, evo steps outside the normal realm of truth-stretching invention in a ‘wake up and smell the coffee’ crusade of twisted honesty – designed to make people think. And so comes the catch phrase – saving ordinary humans from themselves. Inside bottles of evo that are bursting with personality, you’ll find luxurious products that are sulphate, paraben, dea, tea and propylene glycol free; products that give professional results while respecting the environment.

    New fabuloso 30ml tubes - for serious commitment phobes. Coming soon.

  • New Releases From Moroccanoil

    As a beauty industry pioneer and creator of an all-new oil treatment hair care category, Moroccanoil introduces Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray Extra Strong and Blow-Dry Concentrate. Plus - convenient travel sizes of the popular Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo Light and Dry Shampoo Dark are coming soon!

    Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray Extra Strong

    This innovative hairspray blends Moroccanoil’s proprietary argan oil-infused formula into a unique product that produces strong, manageable and touchable hold with a burst of healthy-looking shine.

    Perfect For All Hair Types:

    • Workable finishing hairspray with strong hold
    • Weightlessly locks style in place
    • Soft and touchable feel
    • Won’t cause sticky residue or build-up

    Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray Extra Strong also features the beautiful signature Moroccanoil fragrance.

    Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray Extra Strong locks in desired styles, and maintains elaborate up dos from wedding to red carpet hairstyles all day long without compromising shine or luminosity. Hair is left glistening and irresistibly touchable without sticky buildup.

    For Best Results, hold Can 25cm from hair and spray. For extra volume, spray on roots before styling.

    To order Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray Extra Strong, call Haircare Australia on 1300 437 436 or use our online contact form.

    Moroccanoil Blow-Dry Concentrate

    Caring for coarse, frizz-prone hair can feel like a full-time job. Between the excessive dry time and effort to achieve a smooth look the process can be daunting, with little assurance of success.

    Formulated for coarse, curly and kinky hair types:

    • Provides intense frizz control
    • Facilitates easier blowouts
    • Creates a polished, ultra-smooth finish
    • Protects hair and seals shine
    • Increases softness and silkiness

    The NEW Moroccanoil Blow-dry Concentrate, the latest addition to the Moroccanoil Smooth Collection, is here to help!

    Specifically formulated for the unique needs of highly unmanageable, coarse, curly and frizzy hair types, Moroccanoil Blow-dry Concentrate is an ultra-rich styling serum that helps dramatically decrease dry time while sealing in shine for a soft, lustrous finish.

    Infused with conditioning argan oil, plant-derived squalene and Vitamin E and C, this advanced concentrate can be used prior to your blowout for a polished, frizz-free look or as a finishing product for a boost of added shine and moisture.

    To order Moroccanoil Blow-dry Concentrate, call Haircare Australia on 1300 437 436 or use our online contact form.

    Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo Light & Dry Shampoo Dark Travel Sizes

    Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo is a dry cleansing spray that instantly refreshes and revitalizes hair and scalp to extend the life of your styles.

    Formulated for all hair types:

    • Refreshes and revitalizes next-day hair styles
    • Facilitates easier blowouts
    • Instantly absorbs oil and product buildup with a unique rice powder-based formula
    • Maintains richness and dimension of dark tones

    Specifically developed to address different tonality needs, Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo features two color-specific formulas: one to preserve the integrity of light and blonde tones and one to maintain the richness and dimension of darker hues.

    To bring out the best in light tones, Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo Light Tones features subtle violet undertones to help balance brassiness. On darker hair, traditional dry shampoos leave behind a white residue that diminishes natural shine; however, Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo Dark Tones is formulated with ultra-fine rice starches that break down and dissipate immediately upon application.

    The result: hair is left refreshed and volumized with a silky, just-left-the-salon feel.

    The 65ml Travel Size is coming soon - to register your interest, call Haircare Australia on 1300 437 436 or use our online contact form.

  • Suspect by Cloud Nine and evo with Fame Team 2016

    Suspect by Cloud Nine and evo with Fame Team 2016. As featured in Issue #3 /16 of The Journal.








    Photographer: David Mannah
    Hair Direction: Lauren McCowan
    Hair Team: Fame Team
    Using: Cloud Nine and Evo
    Make Up: Chereine Waddell
    Stylist: Lucia Arias-Martinez
    Models: Memu @ Fivetwenty Management
    Valerija and Elle @ Chic Model
    Eva and Camilla @ The Agency

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