Recreate Julia Roberts' Loose Bun with Neuma

Love Julia Roberts' hair from the Oscars? We do! Neuma designer, Kirstan Sayers, walks you through getting Julia's look with a little help from Neuma.

"Touchable, moveable, natural looking hair is a MUST for all my clients. Neuma allows me to give them exactly what they want without the heaviness, build up or weight of other styling products. It just works with the hair." -Kirstan Sayers
Neuma - Julia Roberts
  1. Wash hair with neuVolume shampoo and condition.
  2. Comb in 1 pump neuStyling smoothing creme cocktailed with a dime size of neuStyling gelee.
  3. Blow dry hair with part using a round brush for added volume.
  4. Mist hair with neuStyling extender and curl midshaft-ends with a large iron.
  5. Section hair from ear to occipital bone to ear and pony the lower section.
  6. Pull hair down and then up through the backside of the pony.
  7. Tease the underside of the hair, and then roll hair into a soft bun and softly spread bun open left to right.
  8. Use all remainder of hair and lightly pin and place on top of your bun.
  9. Finish hair with neuControl medium.

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