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  • Mercedes Benz Fashion Week - Day 4

    As the week neared to an end, we wrapped up our time at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week with the ever-iconic Ten Pieces.


    Teaming up with designers, Maurice Terzini and Lucy Hinckfuss, Renya Xydis for Cloud Nine, and Aiden Xydis for evo®, created apocalyptic, Mad Max inspired looks to compliment the deconstructed knits and neutral tones in the collection.

    "For the girls we worked with their natural texture to create an androgynous windswept look…like they’d been wandering the desert for days. When styling the models hair for the collection’s film and runway show, we created loose, deconstructed waves using The Cloud Nine Wand, adding texture and movement throughout random sections of hair." - Renya Xydis.

    The hair team was a family affair, with Renya Xydis directing the women’s look for Cloud Nine while her son, Aiden Xydis of The Men’s Grooming Room styled the men’s look for evo®.

    "Just like the collection’s muted tones, we wanted the guy’s hair to look quite matte. Using their natural shape as a base, we applied evo haze texturizing powder and worked it through the hair for that chalky, dusty sand storm look." - Aiden Xydis.

    Keeping in theme, ten looks from the collection were showcased on ten models in head-to-toe layered block colours within the cavernous sound studios at Sydney’s iconic Fox Studios. The three and a half minute video filmed in the Australian desert served as a dramatic backdrop for the Ten Pieces MBFWA resort collection.

    "Influenced by sportswear, our unisex approach for TEN PIECES is to create street-ready, interchangeable pieces for people who desire contemporary, yet comfortable clothing fitting for their busy lives." – Lucy Hinckfuss.

  • Mercedes Benz Fashion Week - Day 3

    Day three of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week saw the Haircare Australia team welcome three huge across the day kicking things off with one of our favourite Adelaide-based brands, C/MEO.


    Inspired by the architectural lines of the C/MEO 2016 Resort collections, Lauren McCowan for evo® created two complimentary up-do’s for the brand’s second showcase on the MBFWA catwalk. Both looks were modern and wearable, highlighting the detailed necklines, collars and pastel colour palette in C/MEO’s ‘Momentum and Dimension’ collections.

    “We worked closely together to define the C/MEO woman and how we would translate this throughout the runway hair looks. With the collection being an abstract take on classics, we decided there was no more classic hair-do than a bun, so we worked to deconstruct the traditional bun in a way that was worthy of the catwalk but still modern and wearable. The end result was slightly dishevelled but completely wearable look created with the magic of evo® styling products.” – Lauren Mccowan

    Proving just why C/MEO is the label for on-trend pieces’ season after season, their MBFWA presentation solidified their place in Australian fashion today. Oversized shirts and razor-sharp suits were softened with feminine accents like cinched-in waists, layered pleats and floating hemlines that were presented in soft sorbet hues and clean neutrals.



    Renya Xydis created two contrasting styles for the KitX Resort 17 collection presentation at MBFWA 2016 - a sleek androgynous look perfectly juxtaposed by wild, Helmut Newton inspired curls to compliment the combination of colour, patterns and shapes seen throughout the brands’ debut MBFWA showcase.

    “We wanted to create two looks that were completely different, yet worked so beautifully together. You have these big, untamed curls created with the Cloud Nine Micro Wand and then this straight and structured look created with the Cloud Nine Wide Iron. The two together, especially side-by-side work in perfect harmony with the clothes.” – Renya Xydis

    Titled Flow, the range is a capsule collection and sees an Australian fashion favourite return to the runway. Held at the iconic Reservoir Gardens in Paddington, the venue continued to celebrate the notion of combining two opposing elements within nature – the tough venue balanced by ethereal pieces, geometric and shape combinations and of course sleek strands against wild curly halos.

    "Like always, I started with the fabrics and looked at shapes – strips of fabric and then circles and rectangles and how they all came together to work in harmony with each other. Working with Renya, we wanted to create hair looks that mimicked this, with the two completely different styles complimenting each other, as well as the clothing.” – Kit Willow



    Teaming up with designers Dan Single and Bambi Northwood-Blyth, Hair Director Lauren McCowan for evo hair created enviably cool ‘bed hair’ for the launch of P.JAMÉ at Ivy Penthouse.

    “The look needed to be equally as playful and seductive as the prints and designs throughout the collection. For the girls, we created voluminous ‘bed hair’ waves, building height with evo’s tyler teasing brush, builder’s paradise working hairspray and haze styling powder. For the guys we went for an ‘I woke up like this’ look. Keeping it quite relaxed, we enhanced their hairs’ natural texture by adding structure and volume with evo haze” – Lauren McCowan

    Designing for all kinds of bedroom shenanigans, the collection is divided into two main categories, the ‘baller’ and the ‘boudoir’, which includes loose singlets and knee-length shorts in wild prints as well as silky rompers in classic black and white.

  • Mercedes Benz Fashion Week - Day 2

    As Mercedes Benz Fashion Week steps into its second day, Bryon Turnball and Edwards & Co for evo created the ultimate ‘rich girl’ curls for macgraw’s 2016 Resort Collection.

    Teaming up with sister design-duo macgraw, hair director Byron Turnbull and Edwards & Co for evo, created a sophisticated, 70’s doll-inspired style, complementing the contemporary yet sweetly polished collection from macgraw.

    "We wanted to create a look that encompassed the youthfulness of the macgraw Resort 2017 collection. We added volume to the hair with evo root canal and curled the hair, pinning and setting the look to create soft, bouncy waves. Just before the girls went on, we used the evo roy wide-tooth comb to break up the curls, finishing with evo love touch for added shine. The end result was fun hair that floated down the runway.” – Byron Turnbull.

    Models almost danced down the runway with knowing smiles to match their bouncy curls and the colour soaked collection. Featuring the macgraw styling that the fashion industry has come to know and love the royally-inspired collection showcasing ruffles, velvets and plenty of lace grounded with looped-up block heeled boots.

    Get the Look

    Macgraw_EVO_Steps.010 1. Prep hair with evo root canal all through the hair to create a soft luminous texture
    Macgraw_EVO_Steps.0042. Create a centre part using evo tyler teasing brush
    Macgraw_EVO_Steps.0213. Blow-dry the hair with evo hank ceramic radial brush flat to the hairline
    Macgraw_EVO_Steps.0354. Using the Cloud Nine Wand take diagonal sections of hair and wrap them around the barrel, pinning each curl to allow it to set as you go
    Macgraw_EVO_Steps.0415. Spray hair with evo builders paradise to set the hair
    Macgraw_EVO_Steps.0506. Brush out the curls using evo roy wide-tooth comb for separation and finish with a light spritz of evo love touch for extra shine
  • Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia - Day 1

    As Australia’s fashion elite toast another successful start to Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia, we bring you a sneak peak of what’s been happening behind the scenes with the hair on day-two of our favourite week of the year.

    Kicking things off, we were backstage with our amazing teams at Yeojin Bae, Albus Lumen, Aje and Rebecca Vallance.

    Yeojin Bae

    Yeojin BaeYeojin Bae

    Teaming up with Australian designer Yeojin Bae, Hair Director Michele McQuillan for Cloud Nine created cool effortless waves, complimenting the elegant, simplistic collection with the help of the amazing Prema Creative Team.

    “We wanted to create a look to contrast the structure and tailoring of the collection. The models hair was quite relaxed, keeping it off the face showcasing Yeojin’s unique necklines and the detailed lace fabrics. For the back of the hair we added shape and movement using the Cloud Nine Waving Wand creating an effortless ‘off duty’ wave for the polished cool girl.” – Michele McQuillan.

    Celebrating 10 successful years in the fashion industry, Yeojin’s collection stayed true to her signature style – simplistic, elegant, colourful and relatable to the everyday woman.

    Albus Lumen

    Lauren McCowan for Cloud Nine created a natural, effortlessly textured look for Albus Lumen’s debut at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia 2016. Complimenting Albus Lumen’s modern approach to minimalistic fashion – Cloud Nine Hair Director, Lauren McCowan worked with designer Marina Afonia to deliver 13 eclectic looks, each playing to the models natural hair texture. Embodying the relaxed spirit of Albus Lumen’s simple, classic and contemporary style, the easy-to-wear collection was perfectly paired with effortless waves and textured crop looks which Lauren created using the Cloud Nine Irons.

    “The overall concept was to enhance each girl’s natural texture, adding volume, shape and shine. We achieved multiple looks using the Cloud Nine Original Iron and Cloud Nine Micro Iron depending on the hair length, on various heat settings - highlighting the versatility of the tools alongside the Albus Lumen collection.” – Lauren McCowan

    Showcasing the latest trends - long layers, wrap skirts and lace-up necklines, Afonia’s collection offers understated luxury pieces using sumptuous natural fibres in a neutral palette. Inspired by the European summer and style, the aesthetic of the label is drawn from a sense of effortlessness.

    Rebecca Vallance

    vallanceRebecca Valance

    The Rebecca Vallance Resort Collection was influenced by old Hollywood on holidays in Palm Beach, capturing the sportiness of the day, country club style and evening soirees. Violet Sainsbury, Moroccanoil Hair Director for Moroccanoil created a look built around the tailoring and luxurious fabrications used throughout Rebeccca’s collection.

    “For Rebecca we created a luxury blow-dry with subtle movement, swept behind the ears allowing for a polished look that wasn’t over-styled. We used the Moroccanoil Light Treatment and Styling Gel Medium to provide the right amount of hold with-out weighing the hair down.” - Violet Sainsbury


    Teaming up with Aje, Lauren McCowan for Moroccanoil created an elegant yet understated look Aje’s Resort 2016 Collection. A label synonymous with effortless glamour, tough femininity and dishevelled elegance, the hair look brought out the natural texture of each girl on the runway, to bring out their individuality and beauty while still keeping the nonchalant elegance that embodies the ‘Aje girl’. Lauren used the Moroccanoil Treatment to beautifully clean hair to achieve movement and soft texture for a slight separation and lustre.

    “Whenever I work with Aje as hair director, I always take inspiration directly from the collection and the brand itself- they are the masters of dishevelled elegance, and their ability to make the most embellished and structured pieces’ meld with chic nonchalance means endless inspiration when applying those ideas to hair. Always a pleasure.” – Lauren McCowan

    To stay up to date with everything related to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia, follow Haircare Australia on Instagram and Facebook.

  • Recreate Amber Heard's Messy Pomp with Neuma

    Love Amber Heard's hair from The Golden Globe Awards? We do! Neuma designer, Jin Bang, walks you through getting Amber's look with a little help from Neuma.

    "If you know the hair you're working with, there is the perfect Neuma product to help you achieve your end result" -Jin Bang
    1. Know what kind of hair you are working with. Amber Heard has medium texture with a little frizz and wave which makes the perfect texture for this updo.
    2. On wet hair, use neuStyling mousse on roots only, around front hairline and top/round of the head. Then use neuVolume blow out mist from mid shaft to ends. Combine neuStyling smoothing cream with four drops of neuRepair argan oil, apply cocktail mixture for moisture and hair density expansion on ends as well. Then blow dry hair.
    3. Using a 1 inch to 1.5 inch Marcel curing iron, spray neuControl medium spray from roots to ends. Then curl hair. Set with flat pins using classing perm sections.
    4. Once hair is all pinned up, let hair sit in pin curl set until hair cools off.
    5. Using the art of a 'visual tease', start at hair line and tease with strong volume. As you work back to the top of the hair line at the bottom, use less volume.
    6. Use a hair tie or rubber band, section off the back of hair and make a loose bun leaving ends of hair frazzled and out for a soft, loose effect. Connect all parts of the hair, starting with mid to low areas near front of hair line, connecting front hair line last. Use French pins only, not english pins, so connections are soft and natural.
    7. After hair is in place, spray neuControl hairspray (non-aerosole) or neuControl firm. Finish with neuSmooth illuminating mist for shine.

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