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  • The Reuzel Pomade Story

    Leen and Bertus the creators of the famous Reuzel Pomade started learning men's haircutting at the ripe age of 14. With their love of classic barbering and strong influences of Rock'n'Roll, Kustom Kulture and its subcultures, it was inevitable that one day Leen and Bertus would open the world renowned Schorem Haarsnijder En Barbier, The Scumbags of Rotterdam.

    Schorem is a type of wordplay that tends to get a little lost in translation. In Dutch it means “scumbags” or “bad boys”, but it is also past tense for “I shave him”.  The “Haarsnijder en Barbier”  is more straight forward, meaning Haircutter and Barber in Dutch.

    Schorem is an old school men-only barbershop in the heart of the working class city of Rotterdam in Holland. The shop specialises in traditional, classic and signature haircuts, as well as, hot towel straight razor shaves.  Schorem is trying to preserve the vanishing craft of barbers from a lost era of time.

    Since it’s opening, Schorem has been frequented by Greasers, Rockers, Bikers, Psychobilly’s, Inkslingers, Skateboarders, Kids, Ruffians and other fine gentleman Scumbags from every echelon of society. It's not a rare sight to see these groups lining the street outside Schorem each day waiting for the shop to open. Leen and Bertus sum up the phenomenon perfectly;  “Our Clients are not just customers for the haircuts, but to be part of the thing that is happening here”. With a Facebook following of over 130,000 fans and 46,000 Instagram followers, Scumbags from all over the globe are wanting a piece of this culture.

    Harnessing their experience from nearly fifty years of barbering, Leen and Burtus created the what they class as the 'worlds finest Pomade'; Reuzel. Worthy of the pairs exacting standards Reuzel is taking the world by storm, the perfect compliment to the Schorem Barbers and barbershops around the world.

    The Pomades

    Reuzel Grease, a beeswax based, medium hold pomade with a consistency much like honey. Perfect to slick down or pomp up every classic barbershop style. Subtly spiced with peppermint, Rezuel Grease is as much about tradition as it is style. Perfect for the man who carries a comb and knows how to use it.

    Reuzel Pomade, is a water based, high shine pomade with a light scent of cola. Rinsing out easily but with a hold like super glue, you can achieve almost any look with this high shine pomade. Perfect for the both the pomade aficionado and the beginner.

    To become a Rezuel Pomade stockist please contact 1300 437 436.

  • evo Hair for TOME at New York Fashion Week

    Hair Director Lauren McCowan for evo hair led the New York Study Tour team in creating the beautiful look for TOME's New York Fashion Week Spring Summer 2015 show. The inspiration  behind the look comes from strong Indian influences through the intricacy and detail in the pleating  in the key looks.

    "We wanted to create a look reminiscent of traditional Indian hair, while also keeping in line with the chic, effortless and slightly unexpected finishes of TOME" - Lauren McCowan

    With a fine balance between polish and effortless flyaway, Lauren created a look that is a sophisticated compliment to the collection while still being wearable to the consumer.


    Get the look from TOME

    Step 1: Spray hair down with evo mister blowout spray. Dry into hair with a dressing brush for polish and texture.

    Step 2: Using a tail comb, create a sleek centre part and mist roots with evo helmut light to set part.

    Step 3: Set a straightener to 150 degrees (Cloud Nine Original Iron) and straighten large horizontal sections of the hair to create a smooth texture. Put a slight bevel on the ends but not a curl.

    Step 4: Using your dressing brush, brush hair into the palm of the hands at the nape of the neck. Tuck hair behind the ears.

    Step 5: Begin a fishtail braid and be sure to keep braid tight at the nape of the neck.

    Step 6: Continue down the length of the hair, keeping the fishtail braid tight and flat. Secure at ends with a thin elastic band and wrap a small piece of hair around the elastic to hide and secure. Set band of hair with evo helmut light to finish.

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