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  • The Prestige Partner Cocktail Party wraps up Hair Expo 2014

    The hair industry joined together over the June long weekend to experience the latest and greatest in all things hair at Hair Expo 2014. Celebrating the home grown and international talent taking the industry by storm, the stage was graced with Moroccanoil advocate and Prestige Partner, Lorna Evans, evo International Ambassdor Jules Tognini and many other familiar faces. The weekend was topped off with the Prestige Partner Cocktail Party, where Haircare Australia's Prestige Partners came together to celebrate the initiative and indulge in  a few drinks.

    Haircare Australia Prestige Partner Hair Expo Party 1

    A huge congratulations goes out to all of the deserving winners from Hair Expo 2014, with a special mention extended to Boris the Cuttery for winning best Salon Design. Boris is the creation of one our favourite evo International Ambassadors, Damian Rinaldo and is also home to our much loved evo International Education Director, Grant Norton. Adding to his list of accolades another of our loved evo ambassadors, Jules Tognini was crowned Australian Men’s Hairdresser of the year 2014. A big congratulations to both evo lads.

    Haircare Australia Prestige Partner Hair Expo Party

  • Prestige Partner Salon Feature | Tsiknaris Hair Salon

    Tsiknaris Hair Salon continues to cement its place as one of Brisbane’s leading salons, led by two-time Queensland Hairdresser of the year, Bill Tsiknaris and his team of visionary and experienced stylists. The team pride themselves on fulfilling their client’s needs, striving to provide the best experience, and always keeping in mind that their colouring and cutting techniques have to be fit for the world’s most demanding men and women.

    The Tsiknaris team base their success on a few simple factors; working in a timely, and effective manner, in a productive space, while using some of the “world’s best products”. For the Tsiknaris team, it’s as simple as that. With these fundamentals, the team are able to play to each of their strengths, creating a balance of professionals that work together to produce the best client results.

    These appropriately labelled “world’s best products”, include Alterna, Cloud Nine, Lakme and DS Labs. The Alterna Bamboo, Caviar and Ten Caviar range have proven to be the salons best sellers, with the team only having to recommend the product once, before clients become hooked. Products are recommended on the basis of educating clients, showing them how to style their hair from the moment they step out of the shower, through to the next salon visit.

    Bill is a firm believer of keeping the love and passion in the salon, constantly seeking to make a difference to his team and clients. For the salon to achieve this level of passion and maintain professionalism, he enlists the management strategies and support from the Prestige Partner initiative.

    “It’s like having a business partner that has the resources that salons don’t have access to”

    Bill Tsiknaris on being a Prestige Partner

    If you want to apply the Tskinaris methodology to the way you work, join us for the Tskinaris Elegance of Evolution Workshop, where you will be given the chance to explore how the salon works on a daily basis, teaching you real practical skills that can be used the next day. You will go through; Shadow Colour, 3D Foils, Radial Foils, Ombre, Swivel, Shape Modifier, Slid to Frame, Cutting & Colouring for a Collection, and Long Hair Layering.

  • evo Fabuloso Pro gains the Tracey Cunningham tick of approval

    evo Fabuloso Pro set off on yet another whirlwind  international launch at the start of the year, this time taking it across the pond to North America. Not to mention landing itself a place in the salon of celebrity stylist, Tracey Cunningham. The tour branched out across Canada down to Idaho, Washington, Georgia, Alabama  then picked up speed in the infamous NYC which hosted the ever successful evo International Ambassador Training event.

    These amazing launches received great momentum with some of the biggest names in the US, not only with Tracey Cunningham but also  Beth Minardi. Beth, who is one of NYC’s top colour experts, stylist to the stars and inspirational educators has a huge following in the US and has worked with the likes of Brad Pitt and Cameron Diaz. Tracey Cunningham with her unparalleled reputation  also has a huge A-list celebrity client base and is highly regarded as the driving force behind her amazing successful salon Méche in Beverly Hills, which is salon hotspot for the likes of Khloe Kardashian, Gwyneth Paltrow, Emma Stone and Drew Barrymore to name a few. With both stylists welcoming Fabuolso Pro with open arms, you might expect to see your favourite celebrity's using it in the very near future.

    Both of theses amazing colourists are now on board with the evo Fabuloso Pro range, and are using it in their salons. With such highly regarded names now using the range it’s gaining a huge following across Manhattan, Boston, LA, San Francisco, Calagary, Edomonton and Vancouver, we can’t wait to see what’s in store for the rest of the year.

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